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MARCO 16014012 Bilge Pump UP1500 12V

Designed to meet and exceed the tough demands of commercial and recreational duty. Completely submersible bilge pumps. Compact design with ABS material housing, corrosion resistant. This pump is designed for use with fresh and salt water only. Use with any other medium, including particularly hazardous, caustic or corrosive substances, could result in damage to the pump, the surrounding environment and injury to persons or property, including possible exposure to hazardous substances. This pump is for water applications only. 

Made in Italy

The impeller design has been carefully tested and optimized to provide reliable flow and maximize head. Because the pumps snap into a universal mounting bracket/inlet screen, they can easily replace most similar bilge pumps.

  •     Limited 2 Year Warranty;
  •     Model range includes 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3700 GPH (32-233 l/min) ;
  •     Compact design with ABS material housing, corrosion resistant;
  •     Impeller is carefully designed and tested to maximize head and flow;
  •     Universal base plate  makes for a simple installation
  •     Stainless fasteners included
  •     Heavy Duty Submersible Pumps can be combined with either an electronic float switch or     the MARCO Switch model AS3 for automatic operation

When you’re looking for a high performance, Duty Bilge Pump, take a good look first at the MARCO Bilge Pump UP line 32-233 l/min of high quality, DC 12/24V bilge pumps.

MARCO Bilge Pump UP1500 12V

SKU: 16014012
VAT Included
  • 8022278604751

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