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Look at our collection of pumps available to meet your every need.

The world of pumps for liquids is wide and designed for all occasions of human life since the time of Archimedes. The fundamental differences are as follows:

  • prime mover (AC or DC electricity, internal combustion engine or manual drive);

  • type of fluid being pumped (fresh or salt water (with solids or pure water, diesel fuel or motor oil, etc.);

  • pump capacity in liters per minute (cubic meters per hour) and pressure in meters or bars;

  • the basic design of the pump, its design, the intended mode and operating conditions, and so on.

All of the above is important to consider when selecting a pump for a particular task. Our company offers you more than 1500 models of various pumps. And our experts will always help you to correctly evaluate your terms of reference for a specific task when selecting and purchasing a pump. Correct engineering calculation is very important for long-term and high-quality operation of the pump in the future. It is also necessary not to forget about the subsequent warranty period, possible repairs and the purchase of necessary spare parts. This is not a problem for premium-class pumps KOSHIN (Japan), FORAS and MARCO (Italy) and SPH FLOW Johnson Pumps (Sweden-USA), which we offer in assortment as a direct distributor. And no cheap Asian copies and fakes!!!


  Be careful when buying complex technical equipment such as a pump! There are a lot of obscure brands on the market at very low prices with incomprehensible quality. As a rule, the service life of such products is very low, and reliability cannot be predicted. And, of course, no guarantees and lack of spare parts and service.


    We want you to be serious about choosing the pump you want and are always ready to help in this process.

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