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KOSHIN marine

Look at our collection of pumps available to meet your every need.


In the world of tradition of equipping fishing professional small boats and passenger boats, the Japanese manufacturer KOSHIN Ltd. is the standard of the highest Japanese quality.


Every moment on the water is a battle against the elements, which is why you need boat pumps and accessories that have been designed to keep you safe and comfortable in any marine environment.

For the past 80 years, KOSHIN Ltd. has been producing equipment for manufacturers of fishing boats and passenger boats. These are various bilge pumps, fuel transfer pumps, engine cooling pumps, circulation pumps, emergency pumping equipment, electromagnetic clutch pumps, sewage and toilet drainage pumps, anchor winches, kits to increase the traction force of the cable (when mooring and pulling the fishing net) and hand pumps for pumping various fuels and lubricants and sea water from barrels and canisters, related products, accessories and fittings.

2022 Catalog

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