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D-torque diesel outboard


Innovative engineering and the production of efficient, premium solutions.

The Neander team is driven by innovative engineering and the production of efficient, premium solutions for marine professionals.

The Dtorque 111 is a new generation of diesel engines designed to meet the stringent requirements of reliable marine operation. This is a lightweight and reliable version of an economic power plant with fuel consumption 25-40% less and with a resource 3-5 times longer than that of gasoline analogs. At the same time, a torque of 111 Nm and a power of 50 hp are provided on the shaft with the same dimensions and installation nodes as its numerous counterparts 70-80 hp thanks to exceptional performance and reliability, advanced Dual counter-rotation crankshafts technology.


Other important achievements of this "revolutionary" project in the marine theme include:

  • unique fire and explosion safety on board, which allows refueling with the engines running;

  • unpretentiousness in operation and the widespread availability of diesel fuel, which is especially important for long sea and river routes in uninhabited areas;

  • environmental friendliness, which allows the use of the power plant in the waters of nature reserves and national parks;

  • reduced vibration to avoid the destruction of welds when used on ships made of metal structures;

  • reliability and maintainability for difficult conditions of round-the-clock commercial operation, including at a considerable distance from the coastline;

  • the use of one type of fuel when used on ships with diesel generators and heating installations;

  • convenience and safety when using a single-fuel solution as part of life-saving equipment on larger passenger ships and ships with increased requirements for fire and explosion safety (gas carriers, tankers, etc.).


Powerful compact diesel outboard motor with 50 hp is an innovative product offering a new marine propulsion system and redefining the standards in the marine industry. Delivering the same performance and shape of a gasoline outboard but with the fuel efficiency and reliability of a diesel inboard, this purposefully built outboard started to revolutionize the market.




at 2500rpm

70 PS 4-Stroke EFI 16V


at 5000rpm


at 5000rpm

60 PS 4-Stroke EFI 16V


Dependable, reliable, never depleted.

With close to 500,000 engine hours in the field, in addition to our own testing, the Dtorque 50 is an engine that will always get you home safely.


Life made easier, cleaner and greener.

With full compliance with EU RDC Stage II regulations, the Dtorque 50 is a low emissions outboard engine. Besides using on average 40% less fuel than equivalent gasoline outboards, a huge advantage to running a Neander Dtorque 50 is the ability to access low emissions zones.


Your time is your money. Minimise your downtime.

Neander has partnered with world reknowned supply partners to source premium parts for Dtorque outboard engines. The Neander Dtorque 50 offers service intervals of 250 hours versus the 100 hours on an equivalent gasoline outboard, meaning you can focus on day to day operations.


Innovation in marine propulsion

Our most established application is within marine. The Neander Dtorque 50 (formerly Dtorque 111) is currently in production and is the only 50HP Diesel Outboard on the market. Delivering 111NM of torque, the Dtorque 50 delivers uniterrupted power, reduced downtime and lower costs for commercial customers across the globe.

The idea behind the Dtorque 50 is to offer the power, reliability, convenience and low costs of a diesel inboard whilst matching the weight, manouverability and servicability of a petrol outboard.

An engine that delivers

40 % Better 

Fuel Efficiency

up to 111 nm


250 Hours

Service Intervals

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