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Products with the KOSHIN trademark can be found in the catalog of many online stores and in DIY supermarkets. Gasoline and diesel pumps are in great demand in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the European Union. Customers are already used to the fact that the products of EES-Energy-Erzeugung-System GmbH are traditionally high-quality and inexpensive. EES GmbH also supplies pump repair parts very quickly, if necessary. Spare parts for the repair of motor self-priming pumps are provided with a system of discounts provided for regular customers. If you bought KOSHIN diesel and gasoline pumps, then be prepared for the fact that you will almost certainly not have to repair the pumps within the warranty period.

Our pumps are designed and manufactured for professionals and are used in many industries: Construction, agriculture and household management, public utilities, fire fighting, irrigation and pond management - they are very popular in the functioning of large cities and small villages, entire industrial complexes, transport systems and in the private sector. Our products are also in demand for use at sea and in coastal areas for pumping seawater. KOSHIN pumps are very easy to buy - our online store will help you with this. You place an order, and a few days later you receive a new pump in its original packaging with a factory warranty.


Delivery is carried out by first-class courier forwarding companies DHL, UPS, GLS. You can also buy a variety of KOSHIN pumps in a network of stores that represent the products of the Japanese manufacturer ORIENTAL KOSHIN Ltd. Gasoline motor-pump units are equipped with professional gasoline internal combustion engines HONDA, MITSUBISHI, ROBIN and YANMAR diesel engines. The high-tech engines of these world-famous manufacturers are reliable and have service centers in all countries of the world. However, due to their high reliability, repairs are only needed in critical cases. The need for repairs arises only when there have been global equipment failures as a result of prolonged operation in difficult conditions and this applies mainly to easily replaceable parts of the design of the centrifugal pump: seals and internal elements such as the impeller and the snail. You can easily do the post-warranty repair of the pump yourself. To do this, we always have in stock in Europe more than 400 different spare parts for pumping units of all models of motor pumps, both modern and previously produced.


KOSHIN ORIENTAL Ltd. products Japan has found active use and is in demand in 160 countries around the world. Any of our pumps meets the definition of price/quality. Speaking about KOSHIN products, we are talking about premium class equipment and modern Japanese equipment of a highly professional level, designed and manufactured in Japan, with Japanese quality and compliance with high world technologies. KOSHIN equipment and equipment are not comparable in reliability to numerous little-known similar "disposable" pumps from Asia and the Far East. As they say, I bought a cheap Chinese pump-rejoice, I bought a high-quality motor pump "made in Japan" - operate and forget about the repair! Gasoline motor pumps are widely used and popular also because the manufacturer and suppliers of these products have a flexible pricing policy with a loyal attitude to customers.


If you are interested in any of the pumps, it will not be a problem to buy it (registration of the necessary documents takes a few minutes). Remember that after the purchase, you can contact our company representatives at any time for advice in the 365/7/24 mode. Self-priming centrifugal motor pumps are distributed all over the world, because the demand for high-quality equipment is everywhere great, the price is reasonable, and the cost of operation is profitable. Petrol pumps have found application in the agricultural sector, in horticulture, in cattle breeding, in parks and in golf clubs. Also, gasoline motor pumps are used on construction sites, by municipal services in case of floods and in the protection of forests from fires. Repair of water pumps of the world-famous brand KOSHIN can be useful to you in the most extreme case. Before you buy a pump for pumping water, you need to calculate the need for pressure and volume of the pumped liquid.

Portable motor pump units for the home and mobile motor pumps for professional use have a number of significant significant advantages. Namely, such pumps with internal combustion engines are extremely mobile. In addition, each of our pumps impresses with its simplicity of design, ease of maintenance and operation. Thus, our KOSHIN pumps are the most preferred for purchase, and often indispensable in the construction industry, in agricultural enterprises, and wherever it is required to pump and supply large volumes of water with varying degrees of contamination with sand, silt, and pebbles. Diesel pumps and gasoline motor pumps, in addition to the primary engine and the drive pump, connected in a single unit and mounted on the frame, have a fuel tank and shock absorbers. Motor pumps for pumping clean water, as well as pumps for working in heavy conditions with dirty water, have their own characteristics in different models. In particular, this may relate to the different organization of the transmission of torque, the presence of a self-centering circuit, etc. It should be taken into account when choosing between diesel or gasoline pumps, between light cheap pumps for household use and professional expensive motor pumps in what conditions and for what purposes the selected model of KOSHIN pumps will be used. In addition to the weight, size, price, fuel and water pollution, it is necessary to take into account the pressure (in meters) and the pump capacity (liters per minute or cubic meters per hour).

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