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official distributor of water pumps KOSHIN

EES Energie Erzeugung Systeme GmbH is a registered company located in Berlin/Germany.

The history of EES’s team is with over 25 years of experience distributing and promoting high-technology engine powered appliances and marine equipment for CIS and EU markets. In this period was done many successful projects to our customers from industrial and commercial sectors, telecom operators and IT providers, shipyards and oilfields, hospitals and public institutions as well as private households from all over Europe and Asia.

Our customers appreciate the high reliability and performance of our partners and suppliers, high level of our after-sale service, big spare parts stock and fast logistic solutions.

EES has long term cooperation with:

  • famous combustion industrial engine manufactures: Honda, Briggs & Stratton, Deutz, Daewoo-Doosan, Honda, Kawasaki, Kohler, Lombardini, Robin-Subaru, Perkins, Mitsubishi, Yanmar;

  • famous marine engine and gearboxes manufactures: COX-marine, Fariman, PRM, Kanzaki, Perkins-Sabre, Yanmar Marine;

  • famous alternator manufactures: Marelli, MecCalte, NSN, Sincro;

  • famous components manufactures and suppliers: ASAP, Dmeco, Marco Pumps, Tecnoelletra, Sound Proof, Tecnomotor,

  • famous marine equipment manufactures: Centa, Clements engineering, Dintra Transmitions, Gröver, Flexofold, SPX (Johnson pumps), Rexroth.

AWARD 2006-2007 AMP Complekt Ltd..jpg

We are also specialist in diesel and gasoline generating sets, from 0.5 up to 2000 kVA and different types of water pumps.

This year marks our 20th anniversary of close cooperation between the EES GmbH and Koshin Ltd. – the high quality Pumps Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter from Japan. Initially, we started with the CIS countries, with an exclusive distribution channel. Together we sold more than 70,000 motor pumps, making Koshin ltd. a household name in CIS’s vast territory. 

Building on our success, in 2010, EES GmbH became the exclusive distributor for the DACH region: Germany, Switzerland, Austria. Today, Koshin pumps are loved not only in DACH and CIS but also in 160 countries worldwide. The main applications for Koshin legendary, reliable pumps are construction sites, agriculture fields, firefighting, household and many other areas where human   has contact with different liquids. Due to their high reliability in the heavy duty applications, Koshin pumps are very popular for rental use.

We offer a wide range of Koshin pump products:

  • Centrifugal self-priming Hidels gasoline motor pumps for fresh water;

  • Centrifugal self-priming Semi-trash gasoline motor pumps for sandy and muddy water;

  • Centrifugal self-priming Trash gasoline motor pumps for water with solids;

  • Centrifugal self-priming High-pressure gasoline motor pumps for firefighting and sprinkler system;

  • Centrifugal self-priming Thermoplastic gasoline motor pump for seawater and fertilizer;

  • Submersible electric pumps for residual water;

  • Centrifugal self-priming Pabool pumps (bare pumps) for seawater, sprinklers and irrigation;

  • Gear pumps for low viscosity oil, machine oil, heavy oil, light oil;

  • Gear pumps for coal tar, weak acids, sea water, and various chemicals;

  • Centrifugal self-priming electrical pumps for motor oil, machine oil, heavy oil, light oil;

  • Axial-spiral electrical barrel pumps for diesel, kerosene, low viscosity oil, heavy fuel oil;

  • Hand barrel pump with lever for high viscosity oil;

  • Hand rotary barrel pump with lever for diesel, kerosene, low viscosity oil, heavy fuel oil;

  • Hand plastic syphon drum pumps for wine, fresh water, kerosene, solvents;

  • Hand plastic syphon pumps for gasoline;

  • Axial-spiral electrical boat draining pumps for oil/seawater mix;

  • Flexible rubber impeller pumps with electromagnetic clutch for seawater;

  • Centrifugal self-priming electrical pumps for seawater and low viscosity oil.


The total range of Japan Centrifugal Self-priming water Koshin motor pumps on the stock in Germany has not only a premium line powered by Honda with excellent gasoline engines. We offer also high-quality japan made water pumps come with Koshin manufactured engines for economy class segment. Diesel powered by YAMMAR self-priming semi-trash and trash pumps pump KOSHIN also available. These robust super pumps for Heavy Duty application handles gravel and trash up diameter 27mm (1.1 inch) of solids.

To further ensure our valued customers that Koshin stands by our producers, we offer a 3-year limited warranty against manufactured defects.

Our main focus is on the quality of the products we are selling to our customers from big OEM up to final user. We always have a full stock of main replacement Spare Parts for Koshin pumps with possibility to order repair parts online. The continues enhancement of our working process as well as ongoing quality Assurance-This what you can expect at EES Energie Erzeugung Systeme GmbH!

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