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FORAS-Pentax Electric Pumps

High quality of each FORAS pump is result of PENTAX Hi-tech production system and constant in-line tests on both the hydraulic and electrical area.

These are the requirements around which Foras builds not only its own company history, but every single product.
The quality level is a history of Pedrollo family-famous pumps manufacturers.

FORAS pumps presented in 100 countries and meets global markets demands and the regulations and requirements of national markets which requires continuous research and development of increasingly advanced solutions.


FORAS is a company specialized in the design, production and marketing of electric water pumps for domestic, residential, irrigation and industrial use.

Founded in 1990, FORAS has over a decade of experience that allows it to touch the most important areas of use in fluid handling, and to respond with a lot of solutions to the greater demands of the market. 

              - More than 1000 models;

              - Flow rate up to 1200 m3/h

              - Head up to 1.000 m;

              - Power from 0,37 to 1.900 kW;

         - Single and Three Phase, Double Voltage.

EES GmbH presents FORAS production as a national Distributor in DACHs region and CIS countries.

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