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SPX FLOW Johnson pump


"Reliability on board!" This is the main motto of the company


"Reliability on board!" This is the main motto of the company

Johnson Pump is the world's leading manufacturer of marine pumps. With over 50 years of pumping experience, unique advanced impeller technology and other key innovations have been achieved and no boat builder is complete without Johnson Pump products.

Serving both pleasure and commercial boats, Johnson Pump Marine (part of the SPX FLOW Group) manufactures high performance products for either OEM or aftermarket installation. These are various bilge pumps, fuel transfer pumps, engine cooling pumps, circulation pumps, emergency pumping equipment, electromagnetic clutch pumps, sewage and toilet drainage pumps, drainage systems, high pressure deck cleaning kits and water pressure boosting systems, and related products, accessories and fittings.

Offering consistent reliability even in the most challenging environments, Johnson Pump Marines products deliver maximum efficiency while minimizing power consumption while maintaining quiet operation. They help to keep the long-term maintenance of boats at the highest level, and in addition, SPX FLOW technology contributes to the comfort and safety of owners, crew and passengers. Many Johnson Pump Marine products are also suitable for use in motorhomes, caravans and more.

2022 Catalog SPX FLOW Johnson pump

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