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0116172 Cushion Rubber.

Used in KOSHIN Trash Pumps to fix pumps with the engine to the frame.

Also serves as a damper to reduce vibrations during engine running and stopping.

The SET consist of 4 pieces for the 2 and 3-inch pump and 6 pieces for the 4-inch pump.  

Material: CR 60 ゚


KOSHIN pumps Models powered by HONDA gasoline engine KTH-50X, KTH-80X, KTH-100X

KOSHIN pumps Models powered by KOSHIN gasoline engine KTZ-50X, KTZ-80X, KTZ-100X 

KOSHIN pumps Models powered by YANMAR diesel engine KTY-50D, KTY-80D, KTY-100D


Suitable for other OEM trash Pumps powered by HONDA engine:

- HONDA WT20, WT30, WT40

- PRAMAC  MP43-2, MP66-3                                   

- SDMO XT 3.78 C5

- Wacker Neuson PT2A(I), PT3A(I),  PT4A(I), MDP 3 (old model)                                                                                      

- Endress (old modes) EMP 205T, EMP 305T                                                                              


Used in old KOSHIN trash Pumps Models: 

- powered by Robin-SUBARU engine KTR-50X, KTR-80X, KTR-100X

- powered by Mitsubishi engine KTM-50X, KTM-80X

KOSHIN 0116172 Cushion Rubber

SKU: 0116172
VAT Included

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