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Foras Submersible Drainage and Sewage SPV 100  Pump - the perfect solution for emptying pits and cisterns, as well as for use in gardening. 


Designed and constructed with high-quality, anticorrosive thermoplastic materials, this pump is built to last and deliver reliable performance for all of your white water pumping needs.

With its powerful motor and submersible design, the Foras SPV100 pump can handle a wide range of applications, including draining water from flooded basements or swimming pools, as well as irrigating gardens and lawns. And thanks to its compact and lightweight design, this pump is easy to transport and install, making it a versatile and convenient option for homeowners and professionals alike.


Main Uses:
?Water supply and pressurization for irrigation of gardens and small cultivations;
?Transfer of liquids contained in tanks;
?Emptying of wells or rainwater collection tanks;
?Emergency emptying of underground rooms such as garages and cellars.


Technical specifications:
P2: 750W 
Q max: 9 m3/h
H max: 5.7 m


Data Sheet SPV pumps.


Chose in the Foras submersible Drainage SP100 pump and experience the reliable, efficient, and high-performing water pumping solution you've been looking for!

SPV 100 - Submersible Drainage Pump (H07 RN8F, 5.7 m, 150 l/min) for Gardening

SKU: PF621130000Z
VAT Included
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