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Model  PBX7-55022  PONSTAR for trash water up to 20 mm level and with solid particles up to 6 mm.

Connection Diameter 50 mm (2“), BSP. Total Head 9,5 m. Delivery Volume 330 L/min. Weight 15,5 kg. Dimensions 245 x 245 x 450 mm. This robust pump is designed for application in narrow access drainage especially in manhole or bottom pit.

This durable heavy duty submersible trash pump is excellent for dewatering use with very shallow water level up to 20 mm!

1.Trouble free operation, even in low water or dry-run situations! With air valve function. When the PBX pump is running dry (without water), the motor is cooled by air, forced through the pump by impeller and exiting the pump via the air valve. Preventing the motor from overheating.

When the pump operates normally, the air valves will be closed by the water pressure inside the pumps.

2. PBX pump has extra powerful startup torque! Compared to conventional electric pumps, the KOSHIN booster allows you to increase the torque during start-up by 4 times!

3. Designed especially for use in muddy and sandy water with solid particles up to 6 mm.

4. You can install flange position in two directions with the invertible delivery flange. Impeller made of durable rubberized material. Pump is equipped with thermal protection.

5. Float switch is an optional part, available separately. When fitted with a float switch, the pump can operate automatically.

6. Koshin trash pump is designed for heavy duty operation and has effective motor cooling system. Water is channeled through the outer wall to cool the motor for maximum endurance


• Drainage of underground water;

• Agricultural irrigation;

• Disposal of residual water from roof tank of buildings, swimming pools, etc.;

• Water drainage at construction sites;

• Pumping water from dirty wells;

• Draining water from ponds and reservoirs;

• Filling or draining water from fish farms and Aquarium;

• Pumping water in home/domestic application.

PONSTAR Submersible Pump 2" (50 mm) PBX7-55022

SKU: 438630
VAT Included
  • Model PBX7-55022
    Connection Diameter 50 mm (2“)
    Total Head 15 m
    Delivery Volume 330 L/min
    Grain size Max. 6 mm
    Motortype Condensor Induction Motor
    Voltage 220 V (AC)
    Frequency 50 Hz
    Rated current 6 A
    Energy Consumption 1250 W
    Revolution 2800 rpm
    Power Cord Length 10 m
    Standard Acessories 1 rope (6 m),
    1 hose clip
    Weight 15,5 kg
    Dimensions 24.5 × 24.5 × 45 cm