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Diod 1,1 A is used together with start-stop SOLENOID DC 12V (YANMAR 119653-77950) and  together with Glow Relay NGK (YANMAR 119650-77910) for diesel engines TNE, TNV. Glow Plugs designed to preheat combastion space inthe combastion chamber. Usually used in the cold conditions for easy star of diesel engines. 


Why you need this Giod in your Electrical System. 

When turning off the solenoid, surge voltage may be produced by the magnetic force of the holding coil. This can damage other electronic componenys connected to the same cicuit.Put a diod in the wiring that is connected to the terminal of the holding coil to absorb this surge. Use only original YANMAR Diode 600V 1.1 A. Check if you use the correct wiring diagram to make sure the correct when you connect the diod.


Suitable for Glow Relay NGK:

Yanmar 119650-77910

Yanmar 119650-77911

Isuzu 8942481610JCB MR8B-171, MR82BL-081

Mitsubishi MM43128201

John Deere Cub Cadet Modell: EF352 EF312 EF393 KE20 KE30 KE40 KE60 KE50


Manufuctorer: YANMAR Parts Code:  119643-66900

Main applications engines: YANMAR TNV, TNE

OE/OEM Referenznumber: 7321-9372-90

Analog:                                       7321-9372-9R

Electrical connector (type): YAZAKU No: 7123-2228


Diod 1.1A for 12V Glow plug system

SKU: 119643-66900
VAT Included
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