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Floods on the Rhine, February 2021.

Every year there are about 10,000 floods in the world. Germany was flooded with water along the Rhine. However, natural disasters have accompanied mankind throughout its existence. The main thing is to be ready to pump unruly Rhine waters quickly and reliably.

The best helper to protect yourself from the elements and remove its consequences is the KOSHIN centrifugal dirty water pump. This Japanese self-priming motor pump is a combination of a powerful motor, rugged construction for heavy continuous use and more reliable performance. This robust large-volume pump is the best choice for the most demanding dewatering jobs for a variety of flooding and inundation situations.

3 x model KTH with HONDA engine and 3 x model KTZ with KOSHIN engine

Koshin pumps Honda

Solids up to 27 mm

Delivery rate from 700 to 2050 litres per Minute head to 30 m

Very simple service on a job

Remember that about 90% of natural disasters are caused by 4 species:

  • 40 % Floods,

  • 20% for typhoons,

  • 15 % for earthquakes and droughts.

  • The rest of the natural disasters cause 10 % of the damage.

A reliable KOSHIN dirty water pump should always be vigilant!


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