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Everything ingenious is simple, but not everything simple is ingenious ...

Life situation: how to pour a certain amount of liquid from a barrel of 200 liters? And while not spilling a drop ... And if you do not tilt a heavy barrel? And depending on what kind of liquid there can be hundreds of different physical characteristics: from beer to heavy gear oil. What can help to easily and without special skills to cope with the task for any person alone and without electricity?!

Koshin pump for barrels

For any liquid, KOSHIN has a manual barrel hand pump:

  • PP-25 Inexpensive household plastic pump made of durable plastic for light oil and any other non-corrosive liquids. Including food: wine, drinking water, vegetable oil, etc.

  • PP-25C A unique pump of the same design, but made of chemically resistant plastic, for pumping gasoline and aggressive chemical liquids, including concentrated acids. There are practically no analogues on the market!

  • SB-25 Rotary pump with a simple design for everyday use in production for many years. Kinematic viscosity 100 cSt.

  • LP-32 Unique rotary pump with 1-liter dispenser. This is a more sophisticated version of the rotary vane pump for light liquids 100 cSt including gasoline. One turnover equals 1 liter. It is very convenient in a number of everyday situations. There are no analogues on the market.

  • SQ-25 Lever pump for high viscosity oils up to 2000 cSt. These pumps are also suitable for low temperature operation when the pump ability of conventional oil decreases.

  • Koshin also produces AC / DC electric drum pumps, but more on that later.

Do not compare KOSHIN pumps, designed for everyday professional use for many years, with cheap domestic pumps from Asia. As the saying goes: "An apple must be compared to an apple!"


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