Guess the riddle!

You are in a horse paddock and you have 5 horses . The nearest pond is 100 meters away and you need to get everyone drunk at the same time.

Question: How many assistants will you need?!

The correct answer is: not 4 assistants at all, but just a very small water pump SEH-25L . Only 5 kg ! and only 2 -3 minutes and the the drinking bowl is washed and filled!!! You can also throw water on the horses! And there is no matter- 5 or 25 horses ! You have only one super assistant powered by robust and famous HONDA engine .

Тotal Head 32 m

Delivery Volume 115 L/min

Max. Suction Lift 8 m

Grain size Max. 2 mm

made in Japan by KOSHIN Ltd.

The Koshin SEH 25L-BAA portable self-priming centrifugal petrol water pump has a 4-stroke engine and 1 inch (25 mm) female threaded water connection. The SEH-25L is multi-purpose, lightweight, simple to use, and highly reliable. Super light and powerful HONDA engine GX25 the world’s first “360-degree-inclinable 4-stroke engines” make those pumps very easy to storage and to use in all applications in all positions. Compared to 2-stroke engines, these engine is not only more environment-friendly but also less noisy with less vibration and is easier to start and service. With Weight 5 kg and sizes 38 x 35 x 32 cm you can easy use it everywhere and not only for lovely horses. Full tank is roughly for 1 hour .

Gardening, pumping, irrigation, filling water and easy washing your dirty tractor !!!

Note: Be careful, beware of Chinese fakes!

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