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Daedong-Dieselmotoren aus Südkorea

Daedong diesel engines from South Korea

If you need a reliable, compact and cost-effective diesel engine for your application – make your choice for a Korean engine manufactured by Daedong Industrial Co., Ltd. The proof of its great features and quality is that these engines are supplied to large world-famous OEM companies as KIOTI, BOBCAT and the others.

Daedong Industrial Co., Ltd was founded in 1947 and is a manufacturer of various compact diesel engines and agricultural machineries. Engines of Daedong brand are used in tractors, combines, UTV (Utility Task Vehicle), Power Tillers etc. Also, they can be used for generating sets, construction machines, firefighting devices, small ship systems.
For more than 73 years of accumulated technology and experience the company has achieved technological excellence in diesel engines and provides now the most advanced solutions. The highest
quality is realized with the clean production line for zero-defect engines by the precise processing and assembly through automation facilities. Since 2006 Daedong Industrial Co., Ltd has expanded its cutting-edge engine lines installing 13 robots for assembly and processing, as well as cutting edge 15 RGV (Rail Guide Vehicle) units for stable quality of multi/single cylinder engine production up to 65,000 units per year. Furthermore, Daedong Technology Institute continues to develop eco-friendly diesel engines and
new products and research in a wide range of areas to become one of the world’s top 7 engine makers.
Daedong engines can meet all the environmental requirements.and can be supplied according to any local emission regulations. There are several versions of engines complying with from the norms of so-
called non-regulated countries to both TIER 4 Final and Stage V ecological norms.

The great features and strength – that’s why it is worth using engines of Daedong brand:

Engines for Europe and America:
ECO friendly (Stage V, Tier 4 Final)
Warranty of 3 years or 3000 hours
Longer service interval (fuel and oil filter – 500 hours, valve adjustment – 800 hours, DPF (Diesel
Particulate Filter) – 3000 hours)
Low fuel consumption (Common Rail, fuel injection by optimized ECU mapping)
Low noise and vibration
Easy maintenance, one-side maintainability (fuel and oil filters, dip stick, valve adjustment)
Full package (filters, ECU, radiator, muffler etc.)

Engines for non-regulated countries – the same great features, but with different, not so advanced, but very reliable approach to fuel and control system (not Common Rail) and consequently – with different emissions data.

There are 11 base models developed by Daedong Industrial Co., Ltd. These models are used for manufacturing of products of Daedong Industrial Co., Ltd, but also can be used by OEM companies for
manufacturing of their own new products driven by these engine models. These base models are divided into the following series:
3C series (3C100LW (mechanical, max power 16,4 kW, generator prime power from 7,2 kW to 14,8 kW), 3C100LF-2 (mechanical+ECU, max power 16,4 kW), 3C100LF-24 (mechanical+ECU, max power 17,9 kW), all Tier4, all NA) 3A series (Tier3&4, NA, mechanical +ECU, max power from 17,9 kW to 25,4 kW, generator prime power
from 13,5 kW to 16,2 kW) 4A series (Tier3, NA&Turbo, mechanical, max power from 33,6 kW to 40,3 kW, generator prime power from 16,2 kW to 21,6 kW) 3B series (Tier3, NA, mechanical, max power 28,3 kW)
4B series (Tier3&2, NA&Turbo, mechanical, max power from 33,6 kW to 44,7 kW, generator prime power
from 22,5 kW to 27,0 kW)
3F series (Tier4, NA, CR, max power from 26 kW to 29,5 kW)
3FT series (Tier4, Turbo, CR, max power from 33,5 kW to 41 kW)
4FT series (Tier4, Turbo, CR, max power from 45 kW to 54,5 kW)
3H series (Tier4, NA&Turbo, CR, max.power from 29,8 kW to 41,0 kW, generator prime power from 14 kW to 28 kW)

4H series (Tier4, Turbo, CR, max.power 54,5 kW, generator prime power from 30 kW to 36 kW) 4HT series (Tier4, Turbo, CR, generator prime power from 30 kW to 36 kW) 4JTA series (Tier4, Turbo, CR, max power from 71 kW to 104,5 kW)
Single cylinder (non emission, NA, max power 9,69 kW)
EES GmbH presents Daedong production as a Distributor in Europe and CIS countries.

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