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- Let's arrange a wild beach, Tanya. Are you afraid of nudism? - Igorek had already undressed above the waist and looked at me frowningly, unfastening the belt on his trousers Winspark Erfahrungen.

“Are you saying that your underpants are torn?” I lazily yawned and stretched.

— I have Adidas swimming trunks! he was offended, and the wings of his nose trembled.

“A naked man is a pitiful sight,” I said, and pulled off everything superfluous. Igorek did not utter another word, obviously, he was experiencing the collapse of his Don Juan plans.

When an hour and a half later we got into the car, he said in despair:

- You know, and all my friends consider me a malicious womanizer.

- I heard that men who are afraid of women like to dissolve

such rumors.