Suitable for KOSHIN trash Pumps inlet/outlet 3 inches (80 mm) with IMPELLER 0115558 for CE and USA markets:

1. KOSHIN trash Pumps inlet/outlet 3 inches (80 mm):

 - KTH-80X-BAB-0, BAA, BAP with HONDA engine GX240U1WKT2 for CE and USA markets;

 - KTM-80X-BAB-0 with MITSUBISHI engine GM291PN-702;

- KTR-80X-BAE with Robin-SUBARU engine EX270D

2. ENDRESS trash Pumps inlet/outlet 3 inches (80 mm) EMP305T with HONDA GX240U1WKT2


Suitable also for KOSHIN trash Pumps inlet/outlet 3 inches (80 mm) with IMPELLER 0115558 and with VOLUTE CASING 0121908 for non-CE and non-USA markets:

- KTH-80X-BAB-4, BAA, BAP with HONDA engine GX240UT2WKK2 for non-CE and non-USA markets;

 - KTM-80X-BAB with MITSUBISHI engine GM291PN-708

-- KTR-80EX-BAE-3 with Robin-SUBARU engine EX270D

NOTE: VOLUTE CASING 0115559 rechargeable with VOLUTE CASING 0121908 KTH-80X-BAB-4(GX240UT2WKK2)


For maintenance and repairing your Koshin brand water pump you can search Water Pump Replacement Parts from Parts list. Refer your correct pump model with exact modification including the total numbers and letters on the pump body.

EES GmbH has always in stock only genuine replacement parts for most current models Koshin water pumps with HONDA and KOSHIN engines. Also available spare parts for old models powered by Robin and Mitsubishi gasoline and diesel engines. For all high quality service parts from stock Berlin we have in the Shortest Delivery Time. For the Spare Parts range which are not on the stock we can organize the express delivery from Koshin-Ltd. Kyoto, Japan.

Replacement Parts for KOSHIN Pumps from official distributor in Germany, Berlin: pump case, suction flange, check valve, drain and filler bungs, flange bracket, volute case, impeller, seal washer, front cover, delivery flange, hose tail, gaskets, mechanical seal, O-ring case and O-ring volute case, strainer, coupling and many others. We have always more than 400 Japan original water pump replacement spare parts on stock not only for current models KOSHIN but also for models out of production (ORIENTAL KOSHIN).  Please refer the Parts-list in the KOSHIN parts catalog for proper parts code and KOSHIN ID. The most parts are available from our stock in Berlin. We always can help you with your questions. Please

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