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• Koshin K180 engine with oil alert.
• Seal made of silicon carbide (SiC). Special seal (developed by Koshin) is 4-5 times more durable than standard Carbon Ceramic mechanical seal.
• New pump design with all aluminum die cast housing for guaranteed 8 meters suction lift.
• Perfect for sandy and muddy water with dirt particles up to 9 mm.
• Long bolt assembly for easy maintenance.


• Guaranteed suction height of 8 meters*.
• Silicon carbide mechanical seal: 4-5 times more resistant than standard carbon-ceramic mechanical seal.
• Spheroidal Graphite Iron Casting (FCD) for impeller & volute casing provides 6-10 times more erosion resistance than regular cast iron (FC200).


Note: all specifications are at 0 m above sea level



  • construction sites for the fast dewatering
  • municipal use in emergency cases
  • floodwater and deluge situations
  • long-term pumping of untreated water
  • heavy irrigation work
  • cleaning fish-farms reservoirs
  • drainage in emergency situations


STV-80X Schmutzwasserpumpe 3″ (80 mm)

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VAT Included
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