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INLET STRAINER COVER Cover (O-ring not included)

for 09-24652-01,  09-24652-03 and 09-24653-01 Strainers

The filter is recommended for installation together with a Water Pressure System (WPS) pump to protect the pump from debris, etc. Mounted between water tank and pump. The filter is easy to disassemble for cleaning.


Strainer – Polyamide 66, black

Strainer Cover – Acrylic, clear (Part No. 09-36012)

Screen – Stainless steel, 20/40 mesh

O-rings – Silicone and EPDM


Diameter 80 mm / 3.15"

Height 60 mm / 2.35"

Weight 0.15 kg / 0.33 lbs

Mesh size 20 

Strainer Cover (O-ring not included)

SKU: 09-36012
VAT Included

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