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The perfect solution for waste water disposal from toilets on board or in caravans

The original SPX FLOW Johnson faeces pump TA3P10-19 Macerator 24V pump features the latest technology currently available. Many years of experience in racing, long-distance cruising, sport fishing and the harsh conditions of commercial shipping have gone into its development. An ultra-modern, self-priming single-chamber diaphragm pump that can be set up in various pump-motor configurations. It can be installed anywhere downstream of the drain in the sewage system or as a bilge pump in a leisure boat. Its relief valves mean that no in-line filters are required and the pump can not only run dry, it can also pass a mixture of air and water without difficulty.

The SPX FLOW Johnson Pump TA3P10-19 is designed for the disposal of faeces. A cutting blade shreds the faeces before it is pumped out. The pump can be connected directly to the toilet drain or to the holding tank. Note: Only use unbleached toilet paper (not tissue). The pump must not run dry and must not be used for continuous operation.

The TA3P10-19 Macerator 24V sewage pump is self-priming up to a height of 3 m. With its low impulse and damping rubber bracket, the pump operates quietly. Specially designed for pumping waste water, the Viking Power 16 is built to last and is easy to maintain. When it's time to replace the premium reinforced nitrile rubber diaphragm, you can insert a replacement diaphragm without removing the pump from the system.


Height: 82 mm - 3.23"

Length: 230 mm - 9.06"

Width: 108 mm - 4.25"

Weight: 1.9 kg - 4.2 lbs

Pump housing: Phenolic plastic (PF) Impeller: Nitrile Housing: Thermoplastic polyester (PET) Shaft: Stainless steel Seal: Lip seal Nitrile Connection: Inlet: 38 mm (1.1/2") hose or 1.1/2" BSP Outlet: 25.4 mm (1")

The electric motor is spark-protected in accordance with ISO 8846 (Electrical appliances for small boats - spark protection)

Pressure and performance data (at water temperature of 20°C/68ºF)

Fuse :

12 A

Do not run dry for longer than 30 seconds, otherwise the impeller and seals will be damaged by overheating.

Caution Do not pump gasoline, solvents, thinners, organic or highly concentrated acids. If corrosive liquids have to be pumped, the service life of the pump can be extended by flushing it with water after use or at least once a day.

  • Temperature Max. Ambient temperature +60ºC. The pump is not suitable for continuous operation. The motor has a thermal overload protection. When the overload temperature has dropped back to the normal level, the overload protection switches off again automatically. The motor can be restarted
  • If there is a risk of frost, ethylene glycol-based antifreeze can be used. Mineral oil-based antifreeze must not be used.
  • Gasket Only use original gaskets. Thicker gaskets reduce the suction capacity, thinner gaskets cause the impeller to block.
  • Installation. The pump can be installed in any position without affecting its performance. However, it is recommended that the pump be installed with the pump head pointing downwards. The pump must be installed under the drain or the sewage tank. To avoid voltage losses, the pump should be installed as close as possible to the battery. Note: For installations with electric

SPX FLOW faeces pump TA3P10-19 Johnson waste water pump 24V, 37 l/min Waste pump

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