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These lightweight, high capacity, die-cast aluminium pumps have a very effective mechanical seal made of carbon-ceramic for extra strength and durability and a metal handle for easy handling transport. They are well suited for irrigation of fields, gardening, pumping water from wells, pumping water out of/ into ponds, fish farming and more.

• Environmentally friendly 4-stroke engine
• Cleaner exhaust emissions
• Less the CO and NOx emissions compared with 2-stroke engine


• Paddy fields irrigation
• Water irrigation with sprinkle systems
• Gardening / orchard cultivation
• Pumping water from wells
• Filling water reservoirs
• Filling or draining water from ponds
• Filling or draining water from fish farms
• Washing of livestock, barns or agricultural equipment
• Pumping water with solid particles up to 2 mm

SEV-40F Brauchwasserpumpe 1,5" (40 mm)

SKU: 0129215
VAT Included
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