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General purpose Centrifugal Self-priming Clear water moto pump.  Easy starting KOSHIN mini 2-stroke engine KC26 with possibility 360 grad operation and storage. Fuel is regular gasoline mixing with oil (50:1) . 3 position discharge port can be changed to 3 different directions, providing added flexibility. Perfect for homeowners, gardeners, small farmers, boat owners due super lightweight (only 5,5 kg), compact and easy to use, easy to carry wherever you need it.

• Water irrigation with sprinkle systems
• Gardening / orchard cultivation
• Pumping of well water
• Filling water reservoirs
• Filling or draining water from ponds
• Filling or draining water from fish farms
• Washing of livestock, barns or agricultural equipment
• Pumping water with solid particles up to 2 mm

SEV-25L Brauchwasserpumpe 1'' (25 mm)

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