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Strong and lightweight die-cast aluminium pumps that meet high requirements, are very reliable and have a long life span. Highly effective mechanical seals made of special carbon-ceramic provides additional durability and resistance of the pumps. The entire unit is protected by a robust frame.

• Low Vibration: comfortable in use after reducing engine vibration.
• Guaranteed performance: Koshin guarantees 8 m suction lift and specifications.


• Paddy fields irrigation
• Water irrigation with sprinkle systems
• Gardening / Orchard cultivation
• Pumping water from wells
• Filling water reservoirs
• Filling or draining water from ponds
• Filling or draining water from fish farms
• Washing of livestock, barns or agricultural equipment
• Pumping water with solid particles up to 3 mm

SEH-80X Brauchwasserpumpe 3'' (80 mm)

SKU: 0119600
667,90 €Price
VAT Included
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