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The Koshin SEH 25L-BAA portable petrol water pump has a 4-stroke engine and a 1 inch female threaded water connection. The SEH-25L is multi-purpose, lightweight, simple to use, and highly reliable.Super light and powerful HONDA engine GX25 the world’s first “360-degree-inclinable 4-stroke engines” make those pumps very easy to storage and to use in all applications in all positions.Compared to 2-stroke engines, these engine is not only more environment-friendly but also less noisy with less vibration and is easier to start and service.



• Water irrigation with sprinkle systems
• Gardening / orchard cultivation
• Pumping of well water
• Filling water reservoirs
• Filling or draining water from ponds
• Filling or draining water from fish farms
• Washing of livestock, barns or agricultural equipment
• Pumping water with solid particles up to 2 mm

Clear Water Pump 1'' (25 mm) SEH-25L

  • Model SEH-25L-BAA
    Connection Diameter 25 mm (1“)
    Connection Thread Outer Pipe Thread BSP or NPT
    Total Head 32 m
    Delivery Volume 115 L/min
    Max. Suction Lift 8 m
    Grain size Max. 2 mm
    Motortype Forced Air-cooled 4-stroke Gasoline
    Motor Honda GX25
    Cubic Capacity 25 ccm
    Rated Output -----------------------
    Max. Output 0,72 kW (1 PS) / 7000 rpm
    Fuel Automotive Unleaded Gasoline
    Fuel Tank Capacity 0.58 L
    Continuous Operating Time Approx. 60 min.
    Starting Method Recoil Starter
    Standard Accessories 1 Strainer,
    2 Hose Couplings,
    3 Hose Bands,
    1 Engine Tool Set
    Weight 5 kg
    Dimensions 37.5 x 34.3 x 32 cm
  • Für diese selbstansaugenden Kreisel Hochdruckpumpen Benzinmotorpumpe KOSHIN ist jede Arbeitsposition 360° kein Problem!  Dank der speziellen Konstruktion des Kraftstoffsystems und der Motorschmierung kann die Wasserpumpe in der jeder Position gelagert, transportiert und betreiben werden.

    For these self-priming centrifugal pumps gasoline engine pump KOSHIN is no problem any working position 360°!  Thanks to the special design of the fuel system and engine lubrication, the water pump can be stored, transported and operated in any position.

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