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Recoil starter  for industrial engines K300.

Made by KOSHIN Japan Ltd.

Original KOSHIN parts number: 1002286

Original RATO parts number: 28200-Z081110-H300

Recoil starter is an important part of the starting system of the single-cylinder small-sized internal combustion engines K300 manufactured by KOSHIN Japan. With the help of a manual starter, the crankshaft is scrolled and the engine is started.

Material: Special for gasoline engine application

Sutable for K300-models with recoil and electric starter

Apply to generators, water pumps KOSHIN KTZ-80X, KTZ-80S, SEV-100X, STV-100X, compactors, pressure washers, commercial lawn, garden equipment, tillers and cultivators and for all KOSHIN Power Products powered by gasoline engines  K300 .


The principle of operation of a manual starter:

The spring is of the clock type, it is wound onto the axis, when the rope is pulled out, the spring coils up and creates a rotating force in the opposite direction to the extension, after releasing the spring returns the axis to its initial position, winding the rope around the drum along the way.The starter is hooked to the motor shaft by special spring-loaded eccentric antennae, which, like hooks, can be hooked into the grooves in only one direction.When starting the engine, the starter rotates the engine shaft until it starts, after which the engine shaft begins to rotate and the starter antennae disengage, according to the freewheel principle. 


This Recoil starter is made in Japan from special materials and is not a cheap copy from Asian countries.

Reversierstarter für Industriemotoren K300 01002286

SKU: 01002286
VAT Included

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