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Plastic Syphon Drum “BIG AUTO PUMP” PP-25C-BAA KOSHIN is a most simple and useful device for home and garage use. With Plastic Drum “BIG AUTO PUMP” you can easy manually overflow from the barrel most liquids between the capacities on the base of different levels under the influence of physical laws. To pour the liquid into a container below the barrel you need to make 3-4 pumping. The liquid will be fed until it is over. To stop the overflow prematurely, it is enough to open the air plug on the handle of the pump. The suction pipe is cut at angle on the end to avoid sticking and delivery hose is flexible for convenient positioning. This oil pump made of strong plastics, has light weight and compact design.


It can only be used with light and flammable liquids on the own responsibility.  You Don’t use a hot liquid higher 50 degrees C.

"Big Auto Pumpe" PP-25C

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