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Plastic electric pump KOSHIN "MAMA-AUTO" EP-306 for kerosene, heating oil, industrial water, diesel fuel, oven oil, rapeseed oil, etc. It is powered by two AA batteries 1.5 Volt (not included in the delivery and sold separately). This reliable and uncomplicated pump EP-306 from Japan is the right and inexpensive choice for amateurs and true professionals! * Quality made in Japan *.

Practical self-priming plastic oil pump, flow rate 12 l / min, vertical lift 0.5 m, net weight 0.17 kg, suction pipe 343 mm, discharge hose 590 mm. Pump size 547 × 145 × 25 mm. The body is made of chemically resistant polyethene, the supply hose is made of polypropylene. The end of the suction pipe has curved edges to avoid sticking, and the discharge hose is flexible, there is a filter on the suction connection.

The pump is compact and easy to handle and use, it can be quickly set up and folded for easy storage after use. The hand pump can be used to refuel cars and vehicles with diesel fuel, coolant (antifreeze) and washer fluid from plastic and metal canisters. Thanks to its design, this pump is practical for the maintenance of fish tanks and small garden ponds.

With the help of the KOSHIN "MAMA-AUTO" EP-306  hand pump you can easily pump most liquids with low viscosity (100 mm2 / s or less) and temperatures above 5 ° C. Do not use hot liquids with temperatures above 50 ° C. This model is not equipped with an overflow circuit breaker. Therefore, the pump must not be left unattended. ... Do not use the pump for pumping flammable liquids such as gasoline, alcohol, etc.

Manual plastic pump KOSHIN "MAMA-AUTO" EP-306 of classic design from Japan is an correct and affordable choice for amateurs and true professionals! This uncomplicated hand-operated pump has a very simple, robust and compact design, lightweight and can be used at home for many years.

Information for wholesale buyers: Factory packaging (cardboard box) measures 305x315x585 mm, gross weight 5.4 kg and holds 20 units of EP-306 pumps in plastic packaging each. The original packaging can be used as a display in a store.

Life situation: How to pour a certain amount of liquid from a canister? And without spilling a drop at the same time ... And if not this canister is full and heavy? And if it's an aquarium or a decorative pond in the garden? And depending on the type of liquid, there are dozens of different physical properties of liquids, from beer to diesel fuel. What can help each person to cope with the task easily and without special skills, alone and without electricity ?! KOSHIN Japan has many models of canister hand pumps and barrel pumps for every liquid.

Plastic electric pump KOSHIN "MAMA-AUTO" EP-306

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