Plastic Syphon Canister “ AUTO PUMP” PP-21-BAA KOSHIN is a most simple and useful device for home and garage use. With Plastic Drum “AUTO PUMP” you can easy manually overflow from the different Canister with hole 50 mm or 65 mm most liquids between the capacities  under the influence of physical laws. To pour the liquid into a container below the Canister you need to make 5-6 pumping . The liquid will flow under the influence of excessive pressure when you open refueling gun. To stop the overflow prematurely, it is enough to close refueling gun. The suction pipe has a weight on the end to avoid sticking and delivery hose is flexible for convenient positioning. This oil pump made of strong plastics, has light weight and compact design.

It can not be used with light and flammable liquids.

Don’t use a hot liquid higher 50 degrees C.


Ideal applications


Diesel oil,

Heavy fuel oil A,


Chemical insecticides,

Alcohol Substance,






Other liquids compatible with the pump material.

 It can only be used with light and flammable liquids on the own responsibility.  You Don’t use a hot liquid higher 50 degrees C

Canister handpump PK-21 50/65 mm hole with thread

    • Delivery volume      6 L/min

      Pump length             517 mm

      Suction hole              50/65 mm with thread

      Delivery hose            545 mm

      Netto Weight             0. 39 kg

    • Information for wholesale buyers

      Original factory packaging (carton box) has dimensions 590x385x320 mm, gross weight 6.2 kg and contains 12 pcs. of PK-21-AAA pumps.

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