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Original Pentax spare part for Pentax and Foras water pumps. Suitable for the pump models: MNG100-200B + MO.45kW IE2 (PF430166360ZSL-A), MN80-200B 230/400-50 IE3 40HP (QF420405040Z), MN80-200B 400/690-50 IE3 40HP (QF420405060Z), MN80-200A 230/400-50 IE3 50HP (QF420505040Z), MN80-200A 400/690-50 IE3 50HP (QF420505060Z), MN40-200B 230/400-50 IE3 7,5HP (QF070135040Z), MN40-200B1 400/690-50 IE3 7,5HP (QF070135060ZR), MN40-200B 400/690-50 IE3 7,5HP (QF070135060Z), MN40-200B-B 400/690-50 IE3 7,5HP (QF070135360Z),MN40-200A 230/400-50 IE3 10HP (QF070145040Z),MN40-200A1 400/690-50 IE3 10HP (QF070145060ZR), MN40-200A 400/690-50 IE3 10HP (QF070145060Z), MN32-200C 230/400-50 IE3 5,5HP (QF110115040Z),MN32-200C 400/690-50 IE3 5,5HP (QF110115060Z),MN32-200B 230/400-50 IE3 7,5HP (QF110135040Z),MN32-200B 400/690-50 IE3 7,5HP (QF110135060Z),MN32-200A 230/400-50 IE3 10HP (QF110145040Z),MN32-200A 400/690-50 IE3 10HP (QF110145060Z),MN50-200B 230/400-50 IE3 15HP (QF400165040Z),MN50-200B 400/690-50 IE3 15HP (QF400165060Z),MN50-200B-B 400/690-50 IE3 15 HP (QF400165360Z),MN50-200C 230/400-50 IE3 12,5HP (QF400235040Z), MN50-200C 400/690-50 IE3 12,5HP (QF400235060Z), MN50-200A 230/400-50 IE3 20HP (QF400245040Z), MN50-200A 400/690-50 20HP IE3 (QF400245060Z),MN65-200C 230/400-50 IE3 20HP (QF410245040Z),MN65-200C 400/690-50 20HP IE3 (QF410245060Z), MN65-200B 230/400-50 IE (QF410255040Z), MN65-200B 400/690-50 25HP IE3 (QF410255060Z), MN65-200A 230/400-50 IE3 30HP (QF410305040Z), MN65-200A 400/690-50 30HP IE3 (QF410305060Z), KM400 230-50 IE2 (QF030100000Z), KM400T 230/400-50 IE3 (QF030100040Z),KM400T 400/690-50 IE3 (QF030100060Z), KM550T 230/400-50 IE3 (QF030110040Z), KM550T 400/690-50 IE3 (QF030110060Z), MAX50-200B 50Hz (PF40016X), MA50-200B 50Hz (PF40016), MAX50-200A 50Hz (PF40024X), MA50-200A 50Hz (PF40024), MA65-200C 50Hz (PF41024), MA65-200A 50Hz (PF41030), MA80-200A 50Hz (PF42050),MNG100-200A-B MOT.55kW 2P 400/690-50 IE2 (PF430156360ZSL-A), MA100-200A 50Hz (PF43015),  MNG100-200B + MO.45kW IE2 (PF430166360ZSL-A), MA40-200B 50Hz (PF07013), MA40-200A 50Hz (PF07014), MAX40-200AP 50Hz (PF07015X), MA32-200B 50Hz (PF11013), MAX32-200A 50Hz (PF11014X), MA32-200A 50Hz (PF11014)We sell only Original spare parts from the manufacturer. Do not use analogue parts that could damage your pump.

M60900012 - PUMP BODY OR GASKET 209,1x3,53

Artikelnummer: M60900012
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