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Original Pentax spare part for Pentax and Foras water pumps. Suitable for the pump models: KB310 230-50 IE2 (QF040200000Z), KB310/1 230-50 IE2 (QF040200100Z), KB160 230-50 (PF040180000Z), KB160T 230/400-50 (PF040180040Z), KB160/1 230-50 (PF040180100Z), KB160/1T 230/400-50 (PF040180140Z), KB210 230-50 (PF040190000Z), KB210T 230/400-50 (PF040190040Z), KB210/1 230-50 (PF040190100Z), KB210/1T 230/400-50 (PF040190140Z).

We sell only Original spare parts from the manufacturer. Do not use analogue parts that could damage your pump.

M75118024 - MECH. SEAL SPACER CB/KB160-210-310

Artikelnummer: M75118024
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