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Foras PLUS P3-100/5 Multistage Horizontal Stainless Steel Pump universal for domestic, residential, agricultural and industrial use. 


Experience the power and versatility of our Multistage Horizontal Pump. Designed for small domestic systems and simple industrial applications, this non-self-priming pump offers exceptional performance and reliability.

With its compact design and user-friendly features, it's perfect for small to medium-sized injection systems. Whether you need to pump clean fluids, create a pressurizing system, irrigate your garden, or treat water, this pump has got you covered. It's also ideal for heating and air conditioning systems, washing applications, and more.


Technical specifications:
P2: 750W 
Q max: 4.8 m3/h
H max: 48.9 m


✅ Advantages

  • Great suction capacity
  • Extremely silent pump
  • Longer Durability
  • For drinking and glycol water
  • Ideal for heating and air conditioning


For added convenience, we recommend pairing this pump with a pressure kit to efficiently pump water, collect rainwater, and irrigate your garden. It's also great for distributing water in combination with low-pressure tanks and drawing water from tanks. Plus, it's designed to handle situations where air or gas may be present in the pumped water.

P3-100/5 (PLUS) - Multistage Water Pump (48.9 m, 80 l/min) for Сottage

SKU: PF500305000ZX
VAT Included
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