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UP1-J pump, rubber impeller 28 l/min

Self-priming electric pump with rubber impeller. Fitted with water proof cable guide and internal brush holder with EMI filter. ON/OFF switch integrated into the water-proof cap. The –R versions are fitted with a 3 positions switch for the inversion of flow direction.  ISO 8846 and ISO 8849. Ideal for bilge and waste water on any type of boat. Pump body in nickel-plated brass and stainless steel shaft. Main applications: transfer of diesel fuel, antifreeze. The pump can be used in many areas, such as: B. Ships and boats, trailers and mobile homes, construction machinery, agriculture, industry, households, etc. Professional commitment and continuous growth are the basis of the experience on which MARCO S.P.A. based. based. almost 30 years. It was founded in 1970 by Giovanni Marco Franceschini and is today a world leader in the quality of small electric pumps at the highest level. The legendary reliability makes Marco products in demand where there is no risk through price compromises: sea, science, manufacturing, road transport. * Made in Italy * - no cheap imports from the Far East.

Technical data:

Voltage: 24V ,

Current consumption: 4 A ,

Fuse:8 A ,

Self-priming: 1.5 m ,

Pressure: 1 bar ,

flow rate: 28 l / min ,

hose: 20 mm (not included in delivery) ,

bores BSP: 3/8 ",

motor power: 150 W ,

rubber impeller

,weight: 1,8 kg ,

IP 67

MARCO UP1-JR Reversible impeller pump, integrated on/off switch 24V

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VAT Included
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