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Low-tone horn for compressed air with metal chromed trumpets. External mounting, complete with fixing hardware, excluding control valves.


The economical professional Set of compressed air horns, complete with mounting hardware is a very simple and convenient device for everyday use as a warning horn. Ideal for the autonomous operation of compressed air. This reliable Italian-made electric siren is absolutely the right and affordable choice for real professionals! * Quality 100% Made in Italy. No cheap copies and accessories from Asia!


Practical compressed air horn for mobile vehicles. Maximum sonic frequency: 170Hz+205


INSTALLATION: Mount the horn on the roof of the truck. Use the threaded tube for fastening the horn, previously shortened to the required length and rubbed off brass filings.


Made of corrosion-resistant materials.


Approval R.28 ECE-ONU


It is easy to handle and operate and can be easily installed and disassembled for maintenance and repair. Designed for operation in the entire climatic range and has IP65 protection class

Applications: buses, trucks, heavy-duty vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery, boats, ships, yachts, motor homes, forklifts in warehouses, etc.

MARCO MGT/L Metal chromed horn, external mounting

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