Suitable for: KOSHIN semi-trash water Pumps:

- STH-80X-BDW inlet/outlet 3 inches (80-mm) powered by HONDA engine GX160UT2WKT2;

- old models SEH-80T(STH-80X-BCT) inlet/outlet 3 inches (80-mm) powered by HONDA engine GX160U1WMBOR8;

- STV-80X-BAA inlet/outlet 3 inches (80-mm) powered by KOSHIN engine K180-D2;

-STR-80EX-BAA inlet/outlet 3 inches (80-mm) powered by Robin-SUBARU engine EX170DM2210.

For maintenance and repairing the pump, you can also order pump case, suction flange, check valve, drain and filler bungs, flange bracket, volute case, delivery flange, hose tail, gaskets, mechanical seal, O-ring case and O-ring volute case. Please refer the Parts-list in the KOSHIN parts catalog for proper parts code. The most parts are available from our stock in Berlin. We always can help you with your questions. Please

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0115539 Impeller for KOSHIN STH-80X-BDW

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