"GEAR PUMPS" Suitable for Water, Oil & Various Liquids Applications. One of the first oil pump in the ORIENTAL KOSHIN pumps range produced more than 70 years. This HEAVY DUTY Koshin product has simple gear mechanism in combination with lightweight, compact design and super reliability in aggressive, sticky and thick liquids. You can use your own mechanical belt drive from combustion engine or an electric motor with 200-600 rpm. The body of KOSHIN pump GB-series is made from brass.



  • Water
  • Sea water
  • Weak acids
  • Various chemicals
  • Coal tar


Additional information on the use of KOSHIN GEAR PUMP Model: GB-25-BAA:-Schrott

1. During transfer the pressure loss approximately 1 m head for 5 m pipe length;2. For liquids with high viscosity (more than 1000 centistokes) should be used a minimal length of suction pipes.3. On the low revolution use (less than 400 RPM) the suction pipe should be 2-3 times wider than pumps inlet.

Gear Pump GB-25

SKU: GB-25-BAA-Schrott
  • Model GB-25
    Gear Material Brass
    Connection Diameter 25 mm (1")
    Delivery Volume (400 rpm) 55 L/min(14 USG/min)
    Delivery Pressure 0 - 0.3 MPa (0 - 3 kg/cm2)
    Max. Suction Lift Max. 4 m (13.1 ft)
    Power 750 W
    Pulley 8" (200mm) × A1
    Net Weight 11 kg (24.3 lbs) (1 unit)

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