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Gasket Set for industrial engines RATO R180


Original RATO parts .

Material: Special for gasoline engine application

Sutable for R180-models with recoil and electric starter

Apply to generators, water pumps , compactors, pressure washers, commercial lawn, garden equipment, tillers and cultivators and for all Power Products powered by gasoline engines RATO R180 .


GASKET SET incudes 7 pcs. :

E03-1 112131-Z440320-00A0 GASKET, CYLINDER HEAD - 1 pc.

E03-3 12004-Z010110-00A0 GASKET, CYLINDER HEAD COVER (REV.FROM 1000003) - 1 pc.

E02-4 11001-Z440110-00A0 GASKET, CRANKCASE - 1 pc.

E09-2 17001-Z010210-00A0, AIR CLEANER - 1pc.

E09-3 16001-Z010110-00A0, GASKET, CARBURETOR - 1 pc.

E09-5 6002-Z050110-00A0, CARBURETOR INSULATOR - 1 pc.

F02-1 18001-Z440110-00A0 GASKET, EXHAUST OUTLET- 1 pc.

Gasket Set is an important kit of the main gaskets for the single-cylinder small-sized internal combustion engine RATO R180-series manufactured by RATO. This Gasket Set allows you to quickly replace all the Element on the engine without wasting time on troubleshooting and diagnostics. The Gasket Set is produced by Chongqing RATO HOLDING(GROUP) Co., Ltd from special materials and is not a cheap copy from Asian countries.

Gasket Set for industrial engines RATO R180

SKU: 0100800101R
VAT Included

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