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Original SEPAR FUEL FILTER-Single filter, metal bowl, SWK-2000/18/M SEPAR 2000.

Material: Special for marine diesel engine application

Suitable for most models of industrial, marine and automotive diesel engines.

Diesel Filter Assembly is produced by Separ GmbH in Germany from special materials and is not a cheap copy from Asian countries.

The SEPAR 2000 - water separator and fuel filter for light diesel fuels - was developed by Willibrord Lösing Filtertechnik e. K. as an effective system for separating water and dirt particles contained in the fuel. Both - water and particles - can lead to high wear on engines and result in expensive, intensive repairs.

Main features
- Available in various flow rates from 1 to 260 l/min, covering a power range from 5 to - 10,000 kW.
- Compact design - various connection options and simple installation.
- High separation efficiency of water contained in the fuel. (Water is no longer detectable according to the RWTÜV test).
- The backwash process extends the filter element replacement interval.
- The SEPAR filter protects the injection pumps and injection nozzles.
- The SEPAR 2000 filter requires minimal maintenance.

Areas of application of the filter
- Vehicle industry - trucks, buses, cranes, municipal vehicles, etc.
- Construction machinery, agricultural machinery, forklift trucks, compressors, etc.
- Marine propulsion engines
- Stationary engines, generators, welding and pumping units
- Mining machinery, rail vehicles
- Special versions are available for specific applications

Marine application
Switchable filters are available for this application. A water display is available as an option.

Extreme temperatures
The SEPAR-2000 filter with a heater is available for winter operation.


Separ SWK-2000/18/M Filter with the Water separator and metall bowl

SKU: SWK-2000/18/M
VAT Included

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