With Drum Pump “RAKU-AUTO” FP-2512 you can easy manually overflow from the barrel Kerosene and Diesel between the capacities. To pour the liquid into a container from the barrel you need to have DC 12 V. The liquid will be fed when you open gun nozzle manually. To stop the overflow prematurely, it is enough to switch of the voltage or make a free the gun nozzle of the pump. The suction pipe has a mesh strainer on the end to avoid sticking and dirty sediment. Delivery hose is flexible for convenient positioning with useful. This oil pump made of strong materials, has light weight and compact design.


It can only be used with light and flammable liquids on the own responsibility.  You Don’t use a hot liquid higher 50 degrees C.




  • Suitable for transferring kerosene & diesel.
  • 10 minutes to empty 200L drum.
  • Easy to use gun nozzle.
  • Suction pipe with mesh strainer.
  • Gasoline must not be used!!!

Specifications subject to change without notice.


Drum Pump “RAKU-AUTO ” FP-2512

SKU: FP-2512
  • Model


    Connection Dia

    25mm (1")

    Total Head

    2.8 m

    Delivery Volume

    18 L/min


    DC 12 V


    Delivery gun nozzle Dia

    25 mm

    Power Cord

    4 m

    Delivery Hose

    1.5 m

    Net Weight

    2 kg

    Dimensions LxWxH (mm)


    Packing Unit