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Foras Multistage Self-Priming Pump P5A-150/5 (PLUS A) - the perfect choice for residential, domestic and agricultural use needs. 


PLUS A-series specifically designed to handle clean water, these pumps are perfect for pressurizing systems, irrigation, drinking and glycol water, water treatment, heating and air conditioning, and washing systems. Their durable stainless steel construction ensures long-lasting reliability, while their efficient design maximizes performance and minimizes energy consumption. 


?Water supply and pressurization for home and summer house
?For heating and air conditioning in residential use. 
?Water supply and pressurization for irrigation of gardens and small cultivations


Technical specifications:
P2: 1100W 
Q max: 7.8 m3/h
H max: 53 m

Whether you need to maintain a steady water supply for your crops, keep your heating and cooling systems running smoothly, or keep your facilities clean and hygienic, these pumps are the perfect choice for your application. Trust in the quality and dependability of stainless steel multistage horizontal self-priming pumps to meet all of your fluid handling needs.

P5A-150/5 (PLUS A) - Multistage Agro Pump (53 m, 130 l/min) for Garden

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