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Foras PLUS P3-150/7T Multistage Horizontal Stainless Steel Pump universal for domestic, residential, agricultural and industrial use. 


Experience the convenience and versatility of our compact Multistage Horizontal Pump. Designed with user-friendly features, it's the perfect fit for small to medium-sized injection systems. From pumping clean fluids to creating pressurizing systems, irrigating your garden, or providing water treatment solutions, this pump has you covered. It's also well-suited for heating and air conditioning systems, a range of washing applications, and much more. Discover the ultimate solution for your fluid handling needs with our Multistage Horizontal Pump.


Technical specifications:
P2: 1100W 
Q max: 4.8 m3/h
H max:  71.3 m


✅ Advantages

  • Great suction capacity
  • Extremely silent pump
  • Longer Durability
  • For drinking and glycol water
  • Ideal for heating and air conditioning


For added convenience, we recommend pairing this pump with a pressure kit to efficiently pump water, collect rainwater, and irrigate your garden. It's also great for distributing water in combination with low-pressure tanks and drawing water from tanks. Plus, it's designed to handle situations where air or gas may be present in the pumped water.

P3-150/7T (PLUS) - Multistage Residential Pump (71.3 m, 80 l/min) for Garden

SKU: PF500307040Z
VAT Included
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