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The Foras PC100T is a reliable and practical liquid-ring electric pump suitable for clean water, for liquid transfer and diesel.

With the Foras PC 100T, you can be sure that your water is being pumped in the most efficient way possible. This practical centrifugal pump with an impeller and robust construction for reliable continuous operation. The model has a frontal brass closing, thus avoiding the risk of blockage.

Pumps of this series are recommended for pumping clean water without the presence of abrasive particles and chemically non-aggressive liquids. Particularly suitable for liquid transfer (including volatile liquids). 

The normal functioning of the pumps is also guaranteed in the following problematic cases:
✔ it is necessary to suck up volatile or foamy liquids;
✔ the pumped liquid is mixed with gas;
✔ the pumped Diesel or Kerosene.


P2: 0.74 kW;
Q max: 2.7 m3/h;
H max: 53 m.


About PC-Series


✅ In addition to its great performance, the PC 100 T is also very easy to use. It has a very simple design, and it's the support closes the pump housing from the back side. Due to their special operating principle, their installation can be a good solution in cases where a compact self-priming electric pump is needed and when the water flow is insufficient or irregular.  

PC100T - Liquid-ring Electric Pump (53m, 45 l/min, 230/400V) for use with diesel

SKU: PF100080040ZX
VAT Included
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