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Foras KM86 is an extremely centrifugal electric water pump suitable for water supplies for home use and gardening.


With the FORAS pump KM86, you can be sure that your water is being pumped in the most efficient way possible. This single impeller centrifugal pumps, very quiet, suitable for domestic, civil and industrial applications, with a very flat curve to ensure uniform, constant delivery pressure. Due to their reliability, ease of use and economy, these pumps have found their application in everyday life, especially for the constant supply of both cold and hot water to small residential and industrial buildings where silence is required. These pumps are suitable for domestic use, for example:
✔ for clean water transfer in home;
✔ for use in transportation to residential buildings; 
✔ for use in agricultural and industrial water systems; 
✔ for use with agricultural water systems; 
✔ for the constant supply of both cold and hot water;
And all those other situations were used for pumping clean water without abrasive particles and chemically non-aggressive liquids.


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