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FORAS JA80 electric self-priming centrifugal pump, made in Italy, continuous operation, 230V, 0.8 kW, 10-40 L / min, 42-25 m



The practical centrifugal pump from Foras is a combination of a powerful Pentax vortex impeller pump and a real Italian electric motor, robust design and reliable performance. The JA80 is recommended for building up pressure with a little water. It is used for pumping clean water (also with air) without solid particles and chemically non-aggressive liquids. Due to their reliability, user friendliness and efficiency, these pumps have so far been used in daily life, in particular for supplying water to houses together with small accumulators, for watering vegetable and fruit gardens. The pump must be installed in closed rooms or in locations that are protected from atmospheric influences.
PENTAX INDUSTRIES S.P.A. with headquarters in Veronelo (Italy) was founded by the Pedrollo family over 25 years ago. The company is one of the best-known and leading pump manufacturers in the world and produces more than 1000 different models with a delivery head of up to 1000 m and an output of up to 1200 m3 / h. Its products are of high quality and performance. * Quality "Made in Italy" *

- Especially for the use of clean water with a temperature of 0-50 degrees C.
- Productivity up to 40 l / min. (2.5 m³ / h)
- Head up to 42 m
- PUMP BODY: cast iron
- MOTOR BRACKET: cast iron
- Noril balance bike
- DRIVE SHAFT: stainless steel AISI 416
- SEAL: ceramic - graphite
- Outlet 1 "(25 mm) nozzle

Technical data of the electric motor:
- Motor type: capacitor asynchronous motor with thermal protection built into the winding
- Voltage: 230 V (AC) 50 Hz
- Nominal current: 3.7 A.
- Power consumption: 800 W
- continuous operation


About this article

The water pump is manufactured in Italy by PENTAX INDUSTRIES S.P.A. developed and manufactured. The pump has original European quality, factory warranty and is not a cheap Asian copy.
Stable flow rate up to 40 l / min. (2.4 m³ / h): Due to their compactness, reliability and ease of use, they are suitable for home use and small-scale production. For example, to increase the water pressure in combination with hydro accumulators, for garden irrigation and vegetable gardens to pump water from reservoirs.
Continuous operation. Longevity and reliability: Italian engineering combined with high-quality European components promises a long service life and safe operation. A thermal protection built into the motor also protects the pump from damage.
The use of special materials ensures reliable, low-vibration operation of the pump and protection against rust: PUMP BODY: cataphoresis casting, nozzles with 1 inch thread. WHEEL: Noryl, radial around the circumference of the shoulder blade. DRIVE SHAFT: stainless steel AICI 416 MECHANICAL PRESSURE: ceramic - graphite (NBR)
The electric self-priming centrifugal pump JA80 is the absolutely right and inexpensive choice for real professionals and beginners! * Quality Made in Italy *. Manufactured by PENTAX INDUSTRIES S.P.A (Italy), mains frequency: 230 V, 50 Hz. Motor power: 800 W. Weight: 14.4 kg. Dimensions LxWxH: 420 × 180 × 195 mm. Packaging dimensions LxWxH: 440 × 200 × 225 mm
A practical pump for increasing pressure in the home and in small-scale production. Maximum delivery height 42 m CE certificate, degree of protection IP44, insulation class F.




FORAS JA80 selfpriming pump

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