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Foras JXF 106 N is a centrifugal electric water pump suitable for a range of domestic use. 


With the FORAS JXF 106N, you can be sure that your water is being pumped in the most efficient way possible. This centrifugal self-priming pump, particularly suitable for constructing small and medium-sized pressurisation systems. Characterized by a considerable ratio between performance and required to be output, they are suitable for domestic use, for example:
✔ for water transfer;
✔ rainwater harvesting and garden irrigation systems; 
✔ in irrigation complexes for agriculture; 
✔ for auxiliary boiler plants;
✔ for irrigating orchards; 
✔ for drawing water from tanks; 
✔ for all those other situations where air or gas may be present in the pumped water.


In addition to its great performance, the JXF 106 N is also very easy to use. It has a very simple design, with only a single control valve, making it easy to use and maintain. 

Suitable for use with clean water that does not contain abrasive particles and with liquids that are not chemically aggressive towards the materials of which the pump is made.


⚠ The installation must be carried out in well-ventilated closed rooms or in any case protected from the weather.



P2: 0.74 kW

Q max: 3.8 [m3/h]

H max: 48 [m]


About JXF-series


Self-priming capability.
The pressure generated is greater (for the same impeller size and speed) than open impeller centrifugal pumps. Relatively high efficiency of such pumps.
Not a complicated pump design. Due to this, the repair and maintenance of these models is cheaper.
Independence from the pressure in the water supply at the inlet to the pump.
Ability to pump liquids saturated with gases.


The disadvantage of such pumps is the sensitivity when pumping water containing solid particles and sand, as this leads to a drop in pressure, efficiency and rapid wear of the internal elements of the device.

FORAS Hauswasserwerk JXF106N

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