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Practical self-priming plastic electric pump with two AA 1.5 volt batteries KOSHIN "MAMA-AUTO" EP-305BC is a very simple and practical device for everyday use at home and in the garage. To pump liquid from one container to another, the pump must be installed vertically with the suction pipe pointing downward into the container with the pumped liquid. The inlet must be directed into the container to be filled. Turn the switch on the pump handle to the ON position. Fluid will be pumped until it drains or you turn off the pump. To stop the pump prematurely, simply turn the switch on the pump handle to the off position. This model is equipped with an overfill protection switch. This automatic stop system is triggered when the measured liquid level in the container with the sensor reaches the end of the inlet hose.  The pump is equipped with an audible signal. When the tank is full, the pump stops and an audible signal sounds.  There is a clamp on the guide tube for fixing the hose in the neck of the canister.  The pump is equipped with a special case for easy storage on the canister in an upright position.  Koshin GmbH, headquartered in Kyoto (Japan), was founded in 1948 year. The company is one of the most renowned and leading pump manufacturers worldwide and supplies products to many well-known pump manufacturers. Its products are of high quality and performance. * Quality made in Japan * . Features : The suction tube has rounded edges at the end to prevent sticking, and the drain hose is flexible for convenient positioning with automatic stop sensor. A strainer is also attached to the suction port to prevent clogging of the pump. This high efficiency polyethylene oil pump is lightweight and compact. Can be used with light liquids as fuel (kerosene, diesel), antifreeze and detergent. Thanks to its design, this pump is also suitable for cleaning and maintaining aquariums, small ponds and gardens. Do not use the pump to pump flammable liquids such as gasoline, alcohol, etc.

EP-305BC Battery pump for canisters with case, buzzer & automatic stop

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