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Timer Unit with 1 second delay is used together with Glow Relay NGK  for diesel engines Glow Plug to preheat combastion space inthe combastion chamber and manage stop-start solenoid. Usually used in the cold conditions for easy star of diesel engines.

Main Color of Vinil Resin: Brown

Delay time 1 sec.


Suitable for Glow Relay NGK :

  • Yanmar 119650-77910

  • Yanmar 119650-77911

  • Isuzu 8942481610

  • JCB MR8B-171, MR82BL-081

  •  Mitsubishi MM43128201

  • John Deere Cub Cadet
    Modell: EF352 EF312 EF393 KE20 KE30 KE40 KE60 KE50


Manufuctorer: KOKUSAN DENKI Co.Ltd.Japan

Manufuctorer Parts Code No: HCO119 

OE/OEM Referenznumber: Yanmar 129211-77920


Parts Code YANMAR: 129211-77920 

Electrical connector (type): YAZAKU No: 7122-2446

TIME UNIT 1 sec. (brown) for 12V Glow plug

SKU: 129211-77920
VAT Included