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Original COVER, FUEL TANK for industrial engines KOSHIN K180

Original KOSHIN parts number: 1002195

Material: Special for gasoline engine application

Suitable for K180 models with recoil and electric starter

Apply to generators, water pumps KOSHIN SEV-50X, SEV-80X, STV-50X, STV-80X, KTZ-50X, compactors, pressure washers, commercial lawn, garden equipment, tillers and cultivators and for all KOSHIN Power Products powered by gasoline engines K180.

Used together with FUEL TANK 1002157.


FUEL CUP is an important part for the single-cylinder small-sized internal combustion engine K180-series manufactured by KOSHIN. The tank is filled through the filling hole on top. A removable strainer is installed in the filling hole. The hole is closed with a FUEL CUP with an airtight seal and a siphon for air penetration. There is a recess at the bottom of the tank for settling dirt and water. Fuel from the tank flows by gravity through an intermediate coarse filter into the fuel tap and then enters the engine carburetor. The FUEI CAP is produced by KOSHIN Ltd Japan from special materials and is not a cheap copy from Asian countries.

1002195 COVER, FUEL TANK for KOSHIN Motor K180

SKU: 1002195
VAT Included

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