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  • This pump is an original Johnson Pump SPX Flow Sweden product. Unlike cheap Asian counterparts, Johnson Pump's original SPX FLLOW motor offers: Correct cooling flow. Significantly longer lifespan. Excellent self-priming capability. Correct pump cooling immediately after start
  • The unique design of the SPX FLOW bilge pumps ensures maximum durability, especially when the end user does not start the pump regularly: constant pressure supply over time, minimal fatigue damage, direct cooling of the electric motor when starting
  • Low-cost bilge pump for slightly dirty water, can be used with a residual water height of up to 5 mm. Ideal for residual water with solids up to 1 mm in diameter. The powerful, durable Lego electric centrifugal pump is removed from the pump body by hand (without tools). This allows you to repair and maintain the bilge pump in tight and unfavourable places while rolling at sea
  • The Johnson pump is the absolutely right and affordable choice for real professionals. *Swedish Quality*
  • This handy submersible bilge pump (centrifugal pump) has a 12 V DC water cooled motor with a power of 36 W, a flow rate of up to 73 l/min and a discharge head of up to 3 m. This robust pump is designed for use on small boats. Specially developed for use in seawater with solids up to 1 mm. This robust high-performance pump can be equipped with an optional automatic or manual on/off function. (not included)
  • Bullet points: self-priming pump for pumping fresh water. Suction height up to 3 metres. Wheel operating temperature minimum: +5 °C / 41 °C, maximum: +60 °C (140 °F)
  • DISCLAIMER: Not suitable for pumping water with lots of oil and diesel. Use nitrile imprller with better durability
  • Johnson pumps with cartridge - cartridges provide an efficient solution to most requirements when pumping raw and salt water. The pumps are self-priming and can pass through relatively small solids without clogging or damaging the pumps. Johnson bilge pumps are designed to meet the requirements of the world's leading ship manufacturers, not only because of our renowned pump

Cartridge Bilge Pump 1250 GPH 12V

SKU: 32-1750-01
VAT Included