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Canister pump KOSHIN Japan EP-303F automatic stop hand water pump 8 L / min


Automatic plastic electric pump KOSHIN EP-303F for kerosene, service water, diesel fuel, light oil, etc. Operation with four AA 1.5 V batteries (not included, sold separately). Flexible drainage hose with pre-installed sensor for automatically switching off the pump and preventing an "auto-stop". Reliable and uncomplicated pump EP-303F from Japan is an absolutely right and inexpensive choice for amateurs and real professionals! * Quality from Japan *.
Practical self-priming plastic oil pump, delivery rate 8 l / min, delivery height 0.5 m, weight 0.440 kg, suction nozzle 44 cm, drainage hose 49 cm. Pump size when unfolded 49 × 20 × 7 cm. Housing made of chemically resistant, antistatic polyethylene, inlet and inlet corrugated hoses made of polypropylene. The end of the suction tube has folded edges to prevent sticking and a screen at the suction inlet.
The pump is compact, easy to handle and use and can be quickly opened and closed after use for easy storage. The hand pump can be used to refuel cars and vehicles with diesel fuel, coolant (antifreeze) and flushing liquid from plastic and metal canisters. Suction pipe diameter 25 mm. It is therefore possible to use a pump with a canister neck larger than 26 mm.
The KOSHIN EP-303F plastic hand pump can easily pump most liquids with low viscosity (100 mm2 / s or less) and temperatures above 5 ° C. Do not use hot liquids with temperatures above 50 ° C. The model is equipped with an overfill protection switch. However, it is not recommended to leave the pump running unattended. Do not use the pump to pump flammable liquids such as gasoline, alcohol, etc.
The manual plastic pump KOSHIN EP-303F in a classic design from Japan is the absolutely right and affordable choice for amateurs and real professionals! This simple hand pump has a very simple, durable and compact design, is light in weight and can be used at home for many years. Designed for canisters with a neck diameter of 50 mm. Koshin PA-246 adapter is used for 65mm diameter. Can be used without screwing the canister over the neck.
Product information
Discontinued item (production discontinued by manufacturer): No.
Package Dimensions: 29 x 26.6 x 9 cm; 440 grams
Manufacturer: KOSHIN Ltd. Japan
Country of origin: Japan
Product descriptions
A practical self-priming plastic electric pump with four AA 1.5 volt batteries KOSHIN EP-303F is a very simple and practical device for everyday use at home and in the g